Heating Glass

The heating of tomorrow


First use of heating glass


new generation of heating glass with limited power density


“Plug and Play” solution and “AI” final phase development


Creation of new ranges


EUCG SAS installs first generation type of heating glass


Creation of the first heating solution with free power density


Sales phase start up


Introduction on market of Glass Heating’s operation driven through a dedicated smartphone’s application

Why choosing



This device takes into account ecological values with reduced and intelligent consumption.
AI and individual control of active glazing to reduce the energy footprint.


Use of renewable energy.
*Under study, stay tuned…

Smart device

Adapts itself to your needs according to the energy context.


Communicates with your energy supplier's meter.


A concentrate of innovations for your comfort


Optimal use of infrared radiation for natural heat

In picture

A simple installation, a maximum efficiency, discover in pictures the EUCG.

Frequently asked questions

Is it possible to have a different temperature between day and night in a room ?

Yes, this is provided for in the EUCG calculator, you can lower the setpoint for a defined time slot.

Is the temperature in the conservatory uniform?

Yes, the temperature in the room will be balanced and identical at all points without variation.

Do I have to go through an engineering company for each new project?

No, we have an internal sizing tool that guarantees the result for a given context.

is the material specific and adapted to each project ?

No, the equipment is standard. It automatically adapts to your configuration during self-installation.

In case of breakage or failure, do I have to replace all the hardware?

No, only the defective element will have to be changed, glass or device, followed by an automatic installation procedure. The central smart device will take into account the changes and will automatically adapt to the new configuration for the same before.

How to guarantee the level of performance for a power assignment to the heating function?

The assignment of power can be penalizing for the user on a daily basis and restrictive for the performance of your installation. We recommend the installation of a power optimizer which will adapt in real time to all situations by increasing the overall performance.

How much electricity will I need if my conservatory is equipped with heating glass ?

You won’t have any extra electricity consumption with heated glass compared to a conventional solution. Heated glass will give you a soft and pleasant heat allowing you to lower the set point and save money.

How will the heated glass work if the room is equipped with French windows on several sides?

Heated windows are managed individually according to needs. The less well exposed windows will have more energy than the sunny ones, which is daily the case with the relative position of the sun. The EUCG calculator ensures the best possible thermal comfort while being economical.

Is it possible to temporarily switch off a heated window without stopping the heating of the room?

Yes, through an easily accessible menu in the calculator, you can isolate and easily put back into service a window. You will be able to place your Christmas tree for the holidays or move a piece of furniture. However, we would like to draw your attention to the fact that the total installed power and the associated comfort may be temporarily reduced.

Do I need access codes to use the EUCG? Is it difficult to install?

There are no codes to operate your installation, the menus are simple and intuitive. In order to prevent any wrong manipulations, especially by children, the menus related to the installation are only accessible by code.

Do I have to train my installation teams on your equipment?

Yes, but it is very short, a small internal presentation of one hour maximum will be enough. A few rules of use must be respected and the wiring is reduced to the formula: “Green wire on the green button, red wire on the red button…”.

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