Privacy policy

Mobile Application Privacy Policy

Privacy policy

EUCG Remote Application is developed by EUCG SAS society with a capital of 5000€, registered at the RCS of Chambéry with the number 879 248 417 whose registered office is located at 165 rue de la Houille Blanche Hermillon, 73300 La Tour en Maurienne.

The term Applications applies to applications for Android and IOS mobiles or tablets named “EUCG Remote”.
The term Server applies to software component developed by EUCG SAS society with which Applications are communicating.
The term Products applies to all products of the ranges “Cocoon”, “Cosy” and “Tiny” sold by EUCG SAS society.

Our privacy policy explains what data we collect from the Applications and the reasons for this collection, how we use / process this information and which external organization we may disclose it to.

Personal data

From our Applications, we do not collect any personal data (for example, names, addresses, phone numbers, e-mail addresses or complete IP addresses are not collected).

Communication data

When using our Applications through telecommunications services to communicate with the EUCG Server, communication data (for example, the IP address) is automatically generated. The EUCG Server does not store this data, it is only used to establish communication between the Applications and the EUCG Server.

Data required for the operation of EUCG Products shall be exchanged through Bluetooth to these Products, without being retransmitted to the EUCG Server or any external organization.

Permissions Required by the Application

Using the Camera

We only use the camera to read QR codes and we do not collect any other information (photo, movie).

The QR code, in text form, is used to establish the Bluetooth connection with EUCG Products.


The Bluetooth communication service is used to communicate locally over a short distance with EUCG Products. No personal data is exchanged with EUCG Products. Only data necessary for the operation of these Products such as operating orders and regulation temperatures setpoints are exchanged.

Your approximate (network) or precise (GPS and network) position is not used or transmitted to an external organization. The request for authorization to access the position of the device is nevertheless necessary to use the Bluetooth communication service.